Ceramic production workshop

Ceramic production workshop was opened during 2004-2006 with support of UNDP and continued in different projects supported by Czech Embassy in Moldova and other donors.

In the workshop beneficiaries learn to manufacture ceramic products by three methods: casting in plaster molds, stamping in plaster molds and hand molding.

For casting in plaster molds we decided to produce small flower pots. It is a useful product that can be decorated in various ways. 


For stamping in plaster molds we order molds on necessity (or possibilities) as for example medallions with organization's logo of different sizes. Medallions are colored and can be gifted to our friends and partners.

Various figures and ornaments are produced by hand molding method. It can be animals, birds, flowers, etc.. Also flower pots will be decorated with various ceramic pieces, stained in different ways. The modeling process has a therapeutic effect for motoric movement. Therefore modeling is one of the therapies used in the rehabilitation center.