Round Table "Philanthropy' Future in Moldova"

26 Jun

NGO Hope and Health (A.O. Speranță și Sănătate) President, as a partner representative, participated to the Round Table organized by the NGO Centrul CONTACT.

The goal - presentation of the recommendation developed developped together with partners:

- Basic recommendations for modifying the law on philanthropy and sponsorship;

- Recommendations for Deductions for donations.

Employment of disabled in Norway

5 Jun

Norway representatives of LPA and specialized NGOs shared their experience in employment of disabled with Moldovan authorities and NGOs. Hope and Health President visited Norway in this regard in 2014 during an official delegation. Since then workplaces for disabled are developed in Moldova in different regions with the support of Norwegian partners.   

Rotund-Table Ensuring Respect for Human Rights in Police Activity

16 May


"Hope and Health" participated in the round table "Ensuring respect for human rights in police activity". Honorary guests Signe Burgstaller -  Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova, Ed Cronin -Senior Law Enforcement Advisor US Embassy in Moldova, Joshua Visi - Senior Police Officer in Austin Police Departament, Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong - Expert on the Rights of Disabled Persons.

Regional conference "The way to financial sustainability of civil society organizations"

15 May

Financial sustainability is the main theme for most civil society organizations in Moldova, where about 80% of the funding of public organizations comes from foreign sources. Government subsidies, private donations, social entrepreneurship can serve as alternative and sustainable sources of financing for  civil society organizations so that they can continue their work and services.