Sharing experience in social entrepreneurship with youth workers

16 Oct

Good start of the week - youth workers from different countries, participants of "Venture into inclusion" visited Hope and Health in order to share experience in entrepreneurship for people with disabilities. 

Хорошее начало недели - молодые работники из разных стран, участники проекта «Venture into inclusion» посетили О.О. Speranță și Sănătate, чтобы поделиться опытом в области предпринимательства для людей с ограниченными возможностями.

NEW gas boiler

6 Oct

Thank to First Lady and "Din Suflet" Foundation

Workshop "Intersectoral collaboration in Social Assistance"

30 Sep

The workshop was organised in order to develop capacities in intersectoral collaboration of the key actors at national and local level, also for increasing awareness upon their benefits. All participants are members of central public authorities, local public authorities, experts in the field, CSOs members, etc. They are familiar with the methods and tools implementation for facilitating cooperation in order to achieve positive results.

Te benefits, procedures and collaboration methods were presented at the workshop.