O nouă colaborare cu... diplome!

10 Dec

Cele 4 organizații care au contribuit cu lucrări ale persoanelor cu dizabilități au fost menționate cu Diplome pentru contribuție și suport adus în cadrul proiectului "Balului Caritabil", ediția a II-a, Facultatea de Drept (USM), 2018.

Diplomele au fost înmânate de Prodecanul Facultății de Drept, USM, Televca Oleg și Președintele ASD-USM, Chihai Marin în incinta Direcției Asistență Socială Buiucani. 

New activity - Pet-therapy

21 Nov

New start at the end of the year!

Our new partners - Initiative Group World in Love - will visit Hope and Health day care center weekly, together with their pets in order to provide Pet-therapy sessions to our beneficiaries. 

First visit on November 21, 2018 showed good results and bring many emotions to all day care center members.  

Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index 2017

17 Sep

On September 17, the event for the launch of the  Civil Society Sustainability Index 2017 was launched, attended by our organization.

The event presented the findings and conclusions of the Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index 2017 for the seven dimensions assessed: legal framework, organizational capacity, financial viability, advocacy, service delivery, infrastructure, public image.

dizABILITY Social Economic FEST

15 Sep

September 15, 2018 - we participated at the "dizABILITY Social Economic FEST ed. I" - a unique event aimed at promoting the skills and talents of people with disabilities, as well as exploiting the economic, social and political potential of these people for the well-being of the country.

We presented the hand made souvenirs by our beneficiaries and promoted our new activity - the production of personalized natural soap.