Strengthening the dialogue between CSOs and the local public authorities

26 Apr

On April 26, 2017, the executive staff of the A.O. „Speranță și Sănătate” took part in the discussions on de-institutionalization of people with intellectual disabilities in the Republic of Moldova. This event was organised by the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family.

Easter Eve

13 Apr

The spouse of the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in Moldova Natalia Chichuk has visited our organization and presented gifts to beneficiaries on the Easter Eve.

We express deep and huge gratitude to the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus, the Embassy of Russian Federation and to the Embassy of Turkey in Moldova, as well as to the Foundation “Soluţia” for their participation and support in carrying out the festivity for our beneficiaries

Media Advocacy and Civic Participation

22 Mar

During March 20-22, 2017, Hope and Health Communication and Advocacy Manager participated, together with representatives of 19 CSOs from Moldova, to the training "Media Advocacy and Civic Participation" offered by FHI360 in the frame of  „Moldova Partnerships for Sustainable Civil Society (MPSCS)” Program. The training was moderated by the international expert Nebojsa Radic, former head of the media relations of Open Society Institute in Budapest and New York.

Human Resources Management: work practices in CSO

16 Mar

On March 15-16, 2017 representatives of A.O. “Speranţă şi Sănătate” attended the second training “Human Resources Management: work practices in CSO” within the Capacity Building Development Program for Russian speaking NGOs on the both banks of the Dniester River, offered by Center for Training and Organisational Consulting.