Experience N.G.O Speranță și Sănătate proved that it is much easier to involve new workers with people with disabilities in the existing model of assisted employment.

Occupational therapy, individually justified and rationally selected, acts as a therapeutic factor. It promotes physical and intellectual development, correction of motor functions and normalization of general physiological parameters of the body (metabolism, the state of the cardiovascular, respiratory and immune systems), improvement of sleep, mood, appetite.

Occupational therapy has a positive effect on the psychological state of a person. Involvement in labor activity of mentally retarded persons pursues broad goals, bearing in mind the prospect of training in labor skills and employment with subsequent integration into society.

Based on the experience of the social kitchen program, a second program for assisted employment was founded: a social business model – the production of personalized handmade soap.

Beautifully packaged in various boxes, curly soaps with natural ingredients are already being produced in workshop N.G.O. Speranță și Sănătate. Customers can order the shape, size, color, smell, logo application themselves.