The public organization “Speranța și Sanatate” exists since October 14, 2001 and was created on the initiative of a group of parents who have a child with mental and mental disabilities in the family. The association has been registered by the Ministry of Justice since November 01, 2001 under the number 1997.

The main problem of adults (after 16 years of age) with mental and psychiatric disabilities is that, due to their illness, they cannot find a place for themselves in society. After graduating from special schools and boarding schools, young people with mental and mental disabilities cannot find a job, because on the one hand, they are not engaged in vocational training, on the other hand, the existing law on the employment of disabled people is not enforced. As a result, these people turn out to be unclaimed people, not needed by society. They do not have the material opportunity to eat normally, dress, pay utility bills, buy medicines, etc. As a result, they are thrown out into the street.

“Speranța și Sanatate” is the first and only non-closed type organization in the Republic of Moldova, which is engaged in social adaptation in the society of adults with mental and mental disabilities. We set the task of teaching them the profession, and then employing them.

Activity “Speranța și Sanatate” – a social service for the disabled – people with mental and mental disabilities, the poorest and most vulnerable section of society – is carried out on the basis of charity.