Gardening and vegetable growing. Working for health on a small personal plot is unlikely to give a big profit. However, fresh fruits and vegetables grown by one’s own efforts are both a contribution to the family and moral satisfaction for the beneficiaries of the center. And working in the fresh air will help maintain physical and mental tone.

Work results N.G.O. Speranță și Sănătate, as well as international studies show that it is important to create an inclusive work environment for workers with intellectual disabilities.

In parallel with the development of models for the employment of people with disabilities, N.G.O. Speranță și Sănătate seeks opportunities and supports people with AIV to find employment outside the day center, i.e. in ordinary commercial structures. This is not an easy process, as it requires the understanding and involvement, first of all, of the relatives of a person with AIV, social / medical sector specialists, company employees and management, etc.